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Red Arrow Global Laboratories

Red Arrow offers a comprehensive service for in-situ and mobile laboratory design, construction, operation and maintenance.

Red Arrow offers the latest QCX quality systems for mineral and mining laboratories and an equipment range from manual machines to fully Automated Robotic Laboratories.



Our History

Red Arrow Global Laboratories is proudly owned and operated by Industry experts with over 25 years of experience in the Mining, Engineering, Fabrication and Construction Industries.

Why us?

Drawing from the strength of our highly skilled and experienced project management team, our goal is to deliver exceptional customer focussed solutions.

Red Arrow’s complete end-to-end solution is key to managing risk by removing the need for multiple supplier outsourcing.

Red Arrow is able to offer various types of laboratory packages from lump sum and leasing to BOOM (Build, Own, Operate and Maintain) models.






Automated Laboratories Find Out More

Automated Laboratories

Automation is fast becoming standard as a means for increased Safety, Quality Control and Cost Reduction. Solutions to Sample Crushing, Pulverizing, Dosing, XRF Fused Bead Preparation, XRF/XRD Powder Preparation.

Benefits of Automation

Minimize operator hazards:
► Exposure to dust and noise
► Exposure to repetitive stress injury

Improved quality and reproducibility:
► Elimination of operator errors
► Negligible sample cross contamination

Greater consistency and traceability:
► Consistent robotic operation, eliminating operator variability
► Sample tracking throughout the entire process

Lower overall operating costs:
► Reduction in manning
► Increased throughput by optimum equipment utilization
► Reduction in rework

Without question automation will deliver key benefits to your operations. Key activities of sampling preparation and analysis are automated to safely provide fast, consistent reliable information for quality assurance and process quality control. The system is modulated and it’s flexiblity allows for easy addition of extra equipment modules when new demands arise. The production process is programmed on individual sample preparation recipes and batches. When a change to method is required, this occurs seamlessly with zero downtime.

Mobile Laboratories

Satisfies infield requirements for projects, a short life of mine delivering a low cost, fast mobilization/demobilization and only occupying a small environmental footprint. We customize to suite your requirements and can provide remote networking communications if needed.

Containerized laboratory modules have the advantage of customization and the ability for expansion to meet all project laboratory requirements from sample preparation to analysis units.

Typical containerized units are a turnkey operation. They are fully self contained and include all necessary equipment, compressed air, lighting and ventilation systems. Insulated containers are available for operations in all climatic conditions.

Benefits of Mobile Labs

► Fast sample turnaround
► Reduction in third party testing costs
► Reduction in transport cost
► Testing carried out to meet your standards (AS, ISO, BS, ASTM)



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